Bethany Platt in serious danger in shock Kayla twist!

Kayla actress warns her character has a dastardly revenge plan…

Bethany Platt has got her life back on track in Coronation Street after being groomed by twisted Nathan Curtis – but now she faces a dark enemy in newcomer Kayla!

It will soon be revealed in the ITV soap that Speed Daal waitress, Kayla, is the daughter of corrupt cop Neil Clifton – Nathan’s partner in crime and one of the men who raped her.

Kayla with Craig and Bethany Platt

Payback time: Kayla cosies up to Craig Tinker and Bethany Platt

Neil is currently in prison for his sordid crimes, but he’s hoodwinked loyal Kayla into thinking that he’s been stitched up. And the teen is getting close to Craig Tinker and Bethany in order to get revenge on them for putting her dad behind bars.

“Kayla is very happy when she sees her plan is working,” says Mollie Winnard, who plays her. “It’s like anything in life – when you see results, it makes you want to do it more.”

How far will Kayla go to get payback on Bethany?

Meanwhile, as an oblivious Craig thinks Kayla is his “girlfriend,” Bethany starts a romance of her own, and in upcoming weeks agrees to a date with Ryan Connor. But will randy Ryan prove a good match?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.