Coronation Street’s Catherine on ‘Evil Eva’!

Coronation Street

‘s Catherine Tyldesley talks to Soaplife about how Stella’s love for new No 1 daughter Leanne is making Eva mad – and bad!

Eva’s used to being No 1 in Stella’s life and she’s not happy her mum is suddenly obsessed with Leanne, the half-sister Eva never knew she had. The last thing she wants is Stella and Leanne bonding so she’s doing everything she can to stop it. “Deep down Eva’s scared she’s going to lose her mum and the closeness they have,” says Catherine. And being scared makes her dangerous…

Is Eva jealous of Leanne’s family unit with Peter and Simon, too?

“She is. Eva left her fiance because he cheated on her with somebody else. I think being in a unit with somebody is something Eva strives for and she never seems to get it right, while Leanne has the ready-made family so that makes Eva a little bit jealous.”

And she’s really not happy when Leanne turns up at The Rovers with a birthday card for Stella…

“She doesn’t think Leanne has any right to be doing it as she still doesn’t see Leanne as Stella’s daughter. Stella is Eva’s mum and it’s very much her territory.”

So she rips up the card?

“She’s angry. Eva doesn’t want to share her mum. She’s never had to share anything so why start now? But when she sees her mum upset because she thinks Leanne has ignored her birthday there’s definitely a bit of guilt there.”

Is Eva worried she’ll be caught out?

“She’s trying to prove a point by keeping them apart and if she’s found out I don’t think she’ll give up. She’ll still try to put a spanner in the works.”

Her plan seems to be working when Karl warns Leanne to keep out of Stella’s way…

“Eva’s happy that somebody’s finally in her corner because everything’s been about Leanne and Stella. Eva’s been forgotten and Karl can see that and he reminds Stella that she should be looking out for her other daughter, the one who’s been around all along.”

We know Stella and Leanne do eventually have a drink together. How does Eva feel?

“She broods about it and then warns Leanne to stay out of her way. Leanne knows how much Eva dislikes her. It’s blatantly obvious.”

How far would Eva go to stop Leanne ever being a proper part of her family?

“At the minute she’s so angry. She can’t get her head around the fact she has a half-sister. She has the potential to go a bit further…”

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