Coronation Street’s David to turn psychokiller

Coronation Street’s demonic teenager David Platt is reportedly going to turn into a mass slayer in the soap’s most extreme storyline.

The Daily Mirror reports that David, played by Jack P Shepherd, will become a psychopath after a series of sexual humiliations.

David will go on a ‘horrific shooting spree’ before turning the gun on himself, in creepy echoes of the recent Virginia Tech slayings in America.

The soap’s researchers have been studying mass murder cases involving ‘family annihilators’ in preparation for the plot.

His mum Gail, sister Sarah, gran Audrey, hairdresser Maria and Sarah’s boyfriend Jason will all be in his sights. Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah, is due to leave Coronation Street at the end of the year.

The Mirror quotes an insider: “There will be some incredibly chilling scenes. It will be a superb slow-burning plot which will take ages to come to the boil.

“We can guarantee viewers will become hooked on it just like they did when Richard Hillman was at his murderous best.

“That time David Platt was one of the victims – this time he is very much the aggressor.”

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