Coronation Street‘s Fiz Stape is set take the rap for the three murders committed by her husband, according to the soap’s producer.

Phil Collinson confirmed that the character, played by Jennie McAlpine, would be facing a trial later this year after being charged with the killings of Colin and Joy Fishwick and Charlotte Hoyle.

The recent storyline in which her husband John was revealed as the real killer ended with him escaping to Ireland.

“Her murder trial is going to come up across the autumn as well,” Phil said on This Morning. “There are lots of twists and turns.”

He also revealed on the show that Tyrone Dobbs would once again find love with a new character called Kirsty, after losing his wife Molly in the dramatic tram crash last year.

And the producer also promised big plots for other characters later this year.

“We’ve got a big, big story for Carla. It’s one of the biggest stories we’ve told on Corrie for many years.

“She’ll have a pretty rough time – it’s quite controversial. It’s all tied up with Peter Barlow and Frank.”

However he ruled out doing another live episode, following the live show in the aftermath of the tram crash storyline to mark the soap’s 50th anniversary.

“No we won’t be doing that again – not during my time,” he said.

“It nearly killed us making that week of television, and particularly the live episode was enormous.

“But it was everything we were hoping for,” he added. “For a week, the country stopped.”