Coronation Street’s Georgia May Foote tells Soaplife that Katy can’t help but look twice when Callum sets his sights on her…

As soon as Katy Armstrong sees bad boy Callum in Roy’s Rolls, she’s smitten. “Katy’s taken Max to the cafe and Callum starts talking to the lad. She demands to know who Callum (Sean Ward) is, but he unnerves her by being charming and just so good-looking,” says Georgia.

David tries to warn Katy off but she’s not listening…

Why won’t Katy listen to David?

“She’s convinced he’s got it wrong. She wants to continue seeing Callum because she thinks he’s really hot plus she’s enjoying the attention. Callum’s told her that he’s Max’s friend, but David [Jack P Shepherd] is adamant Callum’s bad news and he wants Max kept away from him. When David sees Max talking to Callum he goes absolutely mad and tells Katy that Callum’s a drug dealer.”

Does Katy listen to that?

“She says she’ll stay away, but I think she knows she can’t. She confronts Callum, but he twists it round and says people are only saying that because Eva [Catherine Tyldesley] fancies him but he knocked her back. And he tells her David doesn’t like him because he’s Max’s dad. Katy is taken in by it all and starts to think it’s David who has the problem, not Callum.”

Is there trouble in store for Katy?

“Definitely. Her family won’t want her going anywhere near Callum. It’s always going to end in tears because Callum’s main motive is that Katy’s a reason to be on the Street, where he can be near to Max and wind David up.”

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