Coronation Street Jack P Shepherd warns David will be as nice or nasty as it takes to get his mum out of prison…

How is David coping with his mum being in prison?
“Emotionally he’s genuinely cut up. He really misses his mum. And practically he’s in a mess… Gail does everything for him – washes his clothes, makes his dinner. Now he’s got to do it himself and he’s struggling.”

Has he ever doubted her innocence?
“Not for a moment. He went to help her at the Lakes and it was obvious she was telling the truth. Besides, she’s a rubbish liar.”

What makes David return to the Lakes with Graeme?
“When Gail is refused bail he vows to get her freed. He enlists Graeme’s help and goes to talk to the witnesses who saw Gail get on the boat. He knows that if he can’t find new evidence Gail could go down for murder.”

Instead he makes things worse. How?
“He’s desperate that the witnesses say they didn’t see Gail get off the boat again and it all gets a bit heated. They call the police and David’s threatened with a charge of perverting the course of justice.”

What’s Nick doing to help?
“Nothing. He won’t even go to visit Gail. He tells David it’s because he’s scared for her and can’t face it. What a mummy’s boy!”

It was Tina who told the police about Gail’s lies about Joe. How does David feel about her now?
“I don’t think he has any feelings for her any more after she’s been going round calling his mum a murderer.”

So why does he punch Nick when he finds out about him and Tina kissing?
“It’s more a shock. Tina admits to the kiss to split up with Jason in The Rovers and Jason punches Nick. Then David punches him too. He’s like, ‘How could she kiss you?'”

How far will David go to free Gail?
“He won’t give up. Maybe he’ll start a campaign… He could call it ‘Free The Weatherfield Mum’. I’m told this is the big storyline for Corrie’s 50th anniversary later this year so it’s going to run for a while…”

Will ‘nice David’ run for a while too?
“Don’t bet on it!”