Coronation Street’s Jane Danson: ‘Leanne stands by Nick… for now!’

Coronation Street’s Jane Danson reveals to Soaplife that Leanne’s ready to return to Nick and forgive his one night stand with Kylie. But she won’t forget about it…

Where has Leanne been?
“She couldn’t face what was going on so she went off to see Toyah to clear her head and to sort out how she was going to deal with it all.”

And now?
“She realises she can’t keep running away. She has to face it head on. Nick has brain damage and is not the man he was so she’s got to get on with it… She wants to provide Simon with the stability and family life that she didn’t have and if that means staying with Nick and making it work then she has to consider it.”

Is she ready to forgive Nick?
“Almost… Seeing Nick so vulnerable makes her realise how she feels about him and she starts thinking she needs to stand by him. She also takes a bit of the blame because obviously Nick would never have slept with Kylie if she hadn’t gone to see Peter on Christmas Day.”

But she can’t forget what he did?
“She’ll never forget it. Seeing Kylie every day is a constant reminder of what happened. Leanne takes it out on Kylie more than she does Nick but, as time goes on, she might forgive Kylie, too. Leanne’s finally growing up a bit.”

And she thinks Nick taking Simon to a Halloween party will help…
“Leanne’s keen to rebuild the family unit and make Simon feel secure. Simon gets on well with Nick and Nick also wants to build bridges.”

But it’s a mistake…
“Nick can’t cope with all the noisy kids and loses it with Simon in front of everyone. Leanne’s upset, but she sees that Nick can’t help it. The journey they have between them now is how they’ll deal with these outbursts.”

Can Nick and Leanne ever get back to where they were?
“It depends on how much Nick benefits from rehabilitation and how far they can move on together. Emotionally, Leanne isn’t getting what she needs from Nick – the intimacy and romance have evaporated and she’s craving cuddles and affection. I really don’t know which way it’s going to go…”


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