Coronation Street’s Jane Danson praises co-stars

Coronation Street actress Jane Danson has revealed how her co-stars have helped her through her grief following her father’s death.

Jane, who plays manipulative minx Leanne Battersby in the ITV1 soap, said that throwing herself back into work helped her get over the loss of her father Jack, who died of cancer in February.

She added that her fellow cast members had provided lots of support at such a difficult time.

Jane told The Sun: “It’s not been an easy start to the year but I think sometimes that keeping yourself busy and getting back into work helps a lot.

“Sometimes you have no choice but to get on with things. I’m surrounded by some wonderful people at Corrie who have experienced similar tragedies to mine and they’ve been a great comfort.”

She added: “I joined the show 11 years ago and a lot of the people there are like an extended family as sometimes you spend more time with them than your real family.

“People at Corrie understand how close I was to my dad and to my family and I appreciate their support.”

Jane’s latest storyline sees her character Leanne using her feminine wiles to persuade smitten chef Paul (Tom Hudson) to torch the restaurant for the insurance money.

Jane said: “It’s looking a bit dodgy for Leanne at the moment as she could go to prison if Paul spills the beans that they’ve committed arson and fraud.”

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