Coronation Street‘s Jerry Morton is reportedly going to be poisoned by his ex-wife in a chilling upcoming storyline.

Evil Teresa Bryant, played by Karen Henthorn, is apparently going to give heart attack victim Jerry an overdose of his Warfarin medication, which is used to poison rats, according to reports in The Sun.

Show insiders say that the storyline will be the soap’s most dramatic since Tracy Barlow was jailed for killing Charlie Stubbs.

The source said: “Teresa is a really nasty piece of work. She comes up with the plan to poison Jerry and nothing will stand in her way.

“After the heart attack, Jerry is prescribed the blood-thinning drug Warfarin and Teresa starts to scheme. She tells the doctor Jerry has mislaid his medication and desperately needs replacements.

“Then, knowing an overdose could kill him, she secretly starts crushing up the extra tablets and adding them to his food.”

Teresa arrived in Weatherfield after Jerry suffered a heart attack trying to fend off some thugs, and viewers have already witnessed how scheming she can be.

She convinced cabbie Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) that he had fathered her son Finlay and demanded backdated child support. Jerry allowed Teresa to stay in the Street after she claimed her boyfriend was beating her.

The Morton family are being written out of the show and the source added: “We want to make them go out with a bang.”