Coronation Street’s Joe Duttine reveals why Tim ‘un-proposes’ to Sally

Coronation Street‘s Tim Metcalfe is set to ‘un-propose’ to Sally Webster.

Joe Duttine told the Radio Times how Tim pops the question to girlfriend Sally (Sally Dynevor), but when he realises they both feel uncomfortable about the idea of marriage, he takes the proposal back again.

Joe explained: “He’s not thinking of proposing. That’s the confusion – he goes to the jeweller’s to buy [daughter] Faye a watch, but then Sally jumps to the conclusion that he’s going to propose to her.

“So when she finds out that he wasn’t going to propose to her, Tim thinks he’d better pretend that he would be interested in getting married just so he doesn’t upset her.

“He gets caught in a Catch 22 situation. He thinks she wants to get married, so he realises that he should maybe up his game and get married otherwise he’ll be out again. He makes a commitment to her that he’s going to be a bit more mature. And he is worried about getting dumped!”

But while Sally and Tim agree they don’t want to get married, rumours have started on the cobbles, so Tim makes a joke of asking Sally not to marry him in the pub.

Joe revealed: “Everyone’s expecting him to propose and Julie [Carp] sets up this sort of engagement party in the Rovers where Tim and Sally turn it round and make a bit of a joke of it. He gives her the ring and sort of un-proposes – it’s quite sweet really.

“He’s really relieved and happy to carry on as they were. It sort of brings them closer together because they’ve found they’ve got more in common.”

And despite their ups and downs, Joe thinks Tim really does love Sally.

He said: “I think he does love her, but I’m not quite sure what his past experiences of being in love are. I doubt he’s ever been swept off his feet – he’s probably been too feckless for that and too much of a commitment phobe. He’s probably just hopped from pad to pad never really having a very romantic relationship and just drifting through life.

“There’s no pressure for them to get married now and I think it’s nice that they just get on, have fun and have a fairly straightforward relationship. They make a fun couple.”