Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby is due to become pregnant… and the identity of the father is a shocker!

Coronation Street will serve up a daddy of a storyline this summer when Leanne Battersby discovers she is pregnant after a one-night stand with Steve McDonald!

Leanne, played by Jane Danson, is the sole parent of Simon Barlow (Alex Bain), her adopted son, since her relationship with his biological father Peter (Chris Gascoyne) broke down…

In 2011, Leanne was told it would be difficult for her to conceive because of damage to one of her fallopian tubes following a miscarriage. She’s always wanted to bear a child and, no doubt, this will give her an incentive to go through with pregnancy.

Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street (ITV)Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street (ITV)


The turmoil will all start when Steve (Simon Gregson) and wife Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) hit a rocky road together, according to The Sun. Thr trouble starts when the kiss between Michelle and her old boyfriend Will Chatterton (Leon Ockenden) is soon discovered on the soap.

While Michelle and Steve take a break from each other, an inebriated Steve will end up in bed with Leanne, resulting in the baby news.

Steve wants the pregnancy terminated, but Leanne will apparently refuse.

Simon Gregson as Steve McDonald in Coronation Street (ITV)Simon Gregson as Steve McDonald in Coronation Street (ITV)


How Steve attempts to convince Leanne to abandon her chance for a baby of her own will heighten the drama…

Could this spell the end of Steve and Michelle? How will Simon, already troubled by his mother’s prostitution past and father’s alcoholism, react? And Tracy Barlow will surely have plenty to say about her rival Leanne’s potential child being related to her daughter, Amy, who was also fathered by Steve!

An ITV spokeswoman told the Press Association that they do not comment on storylines.

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