Just how far will Coronation Street’s Liam Connor go to stop Carla telling Maria about their affair? Actor Rob James Collier gives us the lowdown…

Carla hasn’t forgiven Liam for sleeping with her then rejecting her for Maria all over again. Does Liam seriously think she won’t want revenge?
“To quote Friends, Maria and Liam were ‘on a break’ when he cheated with Carla. He was in an awful state when he slept with Carla – his head was all over the place. Carla was his shoulder to cry on after the baby tragedy and his marriage was in bits.”

How does Carla react to the news that Liam and Maria are giving their marriage another go?
“Liam tells Carla that he’s back with Maria and she’s furious. Carla let her guard down with Liam and now she feels he’s rejecting her. He tries to tell her that it never would have worked between them but she’s so angry she physically attacks him.”

Then, determined to get Liam out of her life, Carla blackmails him into selling his half of the factory at less than the going rate…
“She says that unless he sells his percentage to Tony she’ll tell Maria that they slept together. Liam’s appalled and tries to call her bluff, saying he’ll tell Tony but Carla sees through this. She points out that she’s not in love with Tony, she’s not married to him and Tony hasn’t just lost a baby so Liam can tell all he wants.”

To stick the knife in a bit more, Carla tells Maria that he’s sold out before he can tell her himself…
Liam seethes at the destruction Carla is causing but he’s trapped. Maria worries he’s selling up because of her paranoia over Carla but he manages to persuade her he’s done it for both of them. He says he wants a fresh start and is thinking of going into business with his cousin Tom.”

Isn’t Liam worried that Carla might still tell Maria about her and Liam.
“He’s sure she won’t. Carla’s humiliated him, got her pound of flesh. He’s certain she won’t tell Maria. He feels secure in thinking his marriage is safe.”

Will Liam’s affair be revealed to coincide with your exit from The Street?
“I’d imagine something like that will happen. But right now I have absolutely no idea how Liam is going.”