Coronation Street’s Liz: ‘My depression hell’

Coronation Street actress Beverley Callard has revealed how she battled with depression during her time on the soap.

In an interview with The Sun, Beverley – the Street’s feisty barmaid Liz McDonald – revealed how a hysterectomy operation in 1991 led to an acute hormonal imbalance, which left her on the brink of suicide.

She said: “I didn’t admit it to a soul, but I wished I were dead. I couldn’t have killed myself, knowing how it would have affected my loved ones, but I hoped I would be wiped out in a car accident or plane crash.

“I had two wonderful children, a great job and no money worries – an enviable life – and yet I felt completely bleak.”

It seems the year after the operation saw a continual deterioration of Beverley’s mental state, until she reached breaking point and broke down on set.

The star apparently went to see a doctor, but still felt depressed when she returned to work, ultimately quitting the soap in 1998.

Five years later, it seems Beverley came back after finding out the true cause of the problem and getting proper medication. Now, there’s no stopping her.

She said: “In 2002, I began feeling that maybe things weren’t so bad on some days. I didn’t feel as heavy or weighed down anymore. I came off the other antidepressants and was put on Prozac, which I am still on.”