Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis: ‘Carla knows and Rob’s fate is entirely in her hands!’

Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis isn’t revealing what happens on Rob and Tracy’s wedding day… But he promises Soaplife that there will be fireworks, which include Carla realising it was her own brother who murdered Tina!

As Rob prepares to marry love-of-his-life Tracy Barlow, it’s becoming clear his sister, Carla (Alison King), doesn’t believe Peter killed Tina – even though Peter’s just gone down for her murder. It’s on Rob’s stag night, of all nights, that Carla finally discovers the truth. “Rob doesn’t actually confess, but it’s like Carla has a sixth sense. His back is up against the wall and he just can’t lie to her,” Marc tells Soaplife. And that means, as his wedding day dawns, Rob is utterly at his sister’s mercy…

Why on earth does Rob spend his stag night with his sister?
“He turns down the chance to go on the lash with the boys because he’s being good and doesn’t want anything to spoil his wedding day.”

Bet he wishes he’d gone out with lads in the end!
“Yes, well, his fate is now entirely in Carla’s hands.”

What’s Rob thinking?
“Rob’s deluded. Ever since the murder happened, he’s brainwashed himself into believing everything’s Peter’s fault. OK – Rob killed Tina, but it never would have happened if Peter [Chris Gascoyne] had never had the affair with her. Rob’s hoping he’s somehow managed to delude Carla, too; that she’ll see things the way he does. That’s as far as I can go, I’m afraid!”

So we don’t even know if marries Tracy…
“Sorry. What I can say is that we go right down to the wire and it’s really, really dramatic. The wedding scenes are amazing. Kate [Ford, who plays Tracy] looks amazing in her dress and the setting is just so picturesque. You’ll find out what happens on Bonfire Night – and there’ll be fireworks, all right!”

We know you’re leaving the Street, Marc… Does Rob get killed off?
“No, so he could return one day. If the timing and the storyline’s right for me, then I’d be happy to come back. Rob’s the only character I can ever imagine playing in soap world.”

What are you doing next?
“Having a month off, then I’m in panto in Bromley, Kent until the New Year. The last year on Corrie has been very intense so it’ll be good to have a bit of light relief!”

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