Coronation Street’s Natalie reveals her big secret

Coronation Street newcomer Natalie Gumede reveals to Soaplife exactly what kind of woman Kirsty is – especially with Tyrone

Yes, Kirsty agreed to chat up Tyrone because Tommy paid her. But after their first date ends with a kiss it looks like romance is on the cards. “The bribe was a mean trick to play,” says Natalie. “Tyrone felt betrayed by both Tommy and Kirsty and very humiliated. It was hard for him to accept Kirsty really does like him.” Now he does – but there’s another secret Kirsty’s keeping from him…

Kirsty reveals she’s a police officer!

“She’s found it puts men off so it’s her secret, her putting her guard up. In the past when she’s told people they’ve behaved differently towards her. And this does happen with Tyrone. He’s very law-abiding, but his background means he’s wary of the police.”

He’s certainly wary when Kirsty threatens to arrest Tina… What’s going on?

“Kirsty and Tina have had a couple of run-ins and Kirsty thinks Tina deliberately damaged her car. Tyrone’s furious with Tina, but shocked by Kirsty’s secret, too. He’s immediately on edge, but she quickly makes him realise it doesn’t define her as a person. It’s just her job.”

What is Kirsty like then?

“She’s a strong woman, not girly. She’s funny and is used to getting what she wants. She’s hard on the surface, but Tyrone cuts through that, which is lovely because you see the vulnerability in her when she’s with him.”

Do we know if she’s had other loves in the past?

“We don’t know anything as yet. It will be interesting to find out if she’s had her heart broken…”

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