Coronation Street’s Paula: ‘I want the baby to be David’s’

Paula Lane tells TV Times magazine about Kylie’s chaotic birth and why she loves her job on Coronation Street

How did you prepare to film Kylie’s birth scenes next week?
“I wanted to give it my all and I wanted it to feel realistic. Even though I had no voice, I was on a high when I got home. It is a really nice feeling when you believe you have delivered and I am really pleased that I was given the opportunity to do it.”

Kylie’s baby comes a few weeks early, and with Nick in hospital, she and David haven’t quite got round to organising everything…
“It is absolute chaos in the Platt house. They are like ‘Where’s her pregnancy notes?’ David is on the phone to the midwife and Gail is trying to keep it together. It is utter madness and there is so much comedy there. I love the fact that Gail ends up delivering the baby. I really hope the audience enjoys it as much as we did filming it.”

What do you think would happen if the baby were Nick’s?
“This story has run for such a long time and it just gets better. The birth of this baby could have severe consequences. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I will be pretty gutted if they split Kylie and David up. I worry that it may happen because they have gone too far with this. Jack P Shepherd [who plays David] wants the baby to be Nick’s, but I want it to be David’s. Kylie and David have such a good chemistry. I can’t imagine being on the street with anyone else.”

We’ve heard that the babies playing your on-screen baby Lily are a set of premature twins?
“They are 14 weeks old, but still really tiny. They are amazing and I love working with them. I get a bit jealous because at the moment, Jack gets lots more cuddles than I do in the script. When I get the opportunity, I am straight in there. I love it when they fall asleep on me.”

You’re currently planning your wedding to fellow actor Tom Shaw. Are children on the horizon for you yet?
“I can appreciate babies and I know why people have them. In a few years I will definitely be thinking about starting a family, but not just yet. I am way too deep with my job. I know that 27 isn’t that young, but I feel I am laying the foundations at work. I am very happy as I am. I can’t lose. I come to work and get to have cuddles with babies and then I can hand them back to their parents!”

Have you done a lot of wedding organising so far?
“The wedding will be a very personal affair. I can see why people choose to have their weddings in magazines, but it is individual preference. When I started this job, I decided that you need to put a little bubble around yourself. You are entitled to a life when you are in the public eye.”

Do you get spotted a lot in the street?
“If I am out on my own wearing my glasses, people don’t recognise me. However, if I am out with Jack they do. There have been times though when I’ve been out with other cast members and passers-by have asked me to take their photograph with the cast, not realising that I am in the show too! It is amazing that I still have that anonymity after three years in one of the country’s biggest soaps.”

Are there many similarities between you and Kylie?
“What’s nice is that in real life, Kylie is nothing like me at all. Once I take the make-up off, she is gone. I leave her at work. I think it’s very important to do that and not let work bleed into your personal life.”

How do you relax after filming tough scenes at work?
“Running might have to take a back seat because I am quite busy at the moment, but I love my dancing. I do ballet, tap, jazz, anything really. I treat it like a gym. There is no reason why I can’t go to a dance class just because I am in Corrie. I really enjoy it – it allows my brain to switch off.”

Did you always want to be an actress?
“I wanted to be a nurse, but my mum told me to give acting a whirl to see how I got on. She told me I could always do my nursing later if it didn’t work out.”

Do you still enjoy your job?
“I absolutely love playing Kylie and I am definitely not ready to go anywhere just yet. There is a lot more drama to come from the Platts!”