Coronation Street’s Paula Lane: ‘Kylie believes everyone will be better off without her’

Coronation Street’s Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife how and why a broken Kylie leaves David as Callum ruins her family Christmas…

It’s been a hellish few months for young mum Kylie Platt. As Christmas approaches, though, she seems to be turning a corner. “Kylie’s still struggling with drugs, but she wants everything back on the straight and narrow, and she’s planning a Christmas the family will never forget. Kylie’s determined to change her ways and leave Callum and the drugs behind,” Paula tells Soaplife. Callum, however, has other ideas…

What does Kylie think when Callum’s back on the Street before Christmas Eve?
“She’s sick to the stomach. She tells him to leave her alone. She’s already told him to stay away, but he’s obviously not listening to her. Callum [Sean Ward] presents Kylie with a bag of drugs. She pretends she’s going to kiss him – and he thinks all his Christmases have come at once – but she rips up the bag of drugs instead.”

Why has he come to Weatherfield?
“He wants Kylie back and thinks he’ll get her by feeding her addiction. He’s told her that he’s more bothered about her than he is about Max. He has a very dark presence.”

What happens on Christmas Day?
“The Platts have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning is nice, too… before it all goes wrong. David [Jack P Shepherd] and Gail [Helen Worth] go to see Nick [Ben Price] so Kylie stays home to prepare the dinner. She walks into the living room to see Callum standing there. Kylie feels sick and panics, knowing she must get rid of him before David returns. Callum, meanwhile, refuses to leave and waves a bag of drugs in her face. Then David walks in…”

“It’s a nightmare. David demands to know what’s going on while Callum absolutely relishes the situation. He winds David up by inferring he’s been giving Kylie a lot more than just drugs. David sees red and attacks Callum.”

And what does Kylie do?
“She feels there’s no hope. She knows David won’t believe her. She’s resigns herself to never having her happy ending.” 

What happens next?
“Callum leaves, but David refuses to discuss anything with Kylie. He’s adamant they’ll have the Christmas Day they’d planned for the kids. He keeps her hanging on all day and she feels like the condemned man waiting to see how this will all pan out. It’s excruciatingly painful for everyone involved.”

Is this when she leaves?
“Yes. I won’t say too much, but it’s incredibly emotional, raw, and very, very sad. Kylie’s heart is breaking but she has no self-worth and, at this point, she thinks everyone will be better off without her.”

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