Coronation Street’s Sally Dynevor: ‘Sally throws all Tim’s things out of the house!’

Coronation Street’s Sally Dynevor tells Soaplife how Sally finds out Tim’s been taking reading lessons from Anna – and reads him the riot act!

So, Sally has no idea that Tim can’t read?
“No, not at all. She sees him reading the newspaper every day! Sally has no reason to be suspicious – why would she have? He’s never given her any reason to believe he struggles with reading.”

But she is suspicious of his new friendship with Anna (Debbie Rush), isn’t she?
“When Tim first came to the Street to find Faye, Anna didn’t take a great liking to him. But now Sally has picked up on the fact that Anna and Tim have a good relationship and she doesn’t like it. It does make Sally slightly suspicious and jealous. She sees them chatting in the cafe and they always look like they’re having an in-depth conversation. Sally wonders what it’s all about when they became the best of friends. They also seem to be laughing and joking together which makes Sally feel a bit jealous. One night Tim tells Sally he has to bob out and she’s instantly suspicious. She jumps to a big conclusion that he must be having an affair!”

How does Sally catch Anna giving Tim reading lessons?
“Sally voices her suspicions about Tim having an affair to Sophie [Brooke Vincent] and Maddie [Amy Kelly], but they don’t agree. Then they see Tim going into number 6 and they realise Sally must be right so they tell her that they’ve seen Tim looking shifty going into Anna’s. Sally races round there, storms in and is really angry when she sees them sat together. She screams and shouts at them before storming back out.”

And she races home to throw Tim’s things out the house!
“Yes. Sally’s absolutely fuming and runs upstairs. She wants Tim out of the house so she throws his clothes, his football and his football trophy out of the bedroom window because she’s so cross with him.”

What does Tim do?
“He tries to chase after Sally, but she’s not prepared to listen and he’s completely flustered that Sally’s got the wrong end of the stick. He tells her she’s got it all completely wrong and has to tell her the truth – that Anna has been helping him learn how to read. ”

How does she feel?
“She’s completely gobsmacked and, of course her, initial reaction is to be completely mortified that she’s embarrassed herself. Sally’s also really upset that Tim asked Anna to help him and not her. It makes Sally wonder why people won’t tell her things – Sophie took ages to tell her she was a lesbian and now Tim has told Anna about this before he told her. Sally wonders what that makes her and what people must think of her if they can’t confide in her. She’s really hurt by it.”

But she also wants to help Tim (Joe Duttine), doesn’t she?
“Yes, but she’s terrible at teaching him, to be honest. She’s so impatient – if he doesn’t understand something she just wants to rush past it and move on to something else. We’ve had such a laugh filming these scenes.”

What’s her technique?
“She goes on the internet and finds a course that she can use and also some little games like word bingo. She also finds some books from when Sophie and Rosie were little that she uses, too. But I don’t think Tim’s going to learn very much from Sally – he’d be better off with Anna! Sally is not a very good teacher at all.”

Do you see a real future for Sally and Tim?
“Yes, I really do. I think they’re so great together. I love the fact that Tim and Kevin [Michael Le Vell] get on as well – they have such a good relationship now and we have some great scenes together.”

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