Coronation Street’s Sally: ‘Frank wants Sally!’

Coronation Street‘s Sally Dynevor reveals to Soaplife how Sally Webster risks being stitched up by rapist Frank

Sally doesn’t fear Frank, does she?

“Absolutely not! She thinks he’s a really lovely man. He has praised Sally to the hilt and no one else recently has given Sally that kind of support and backing.”

She doesn’t believe he raped Carla?

“She 100 per cent thinks Frank is innocent. Sally thinks Carla has some type of hidden motive behind her claims.”

Is Sally attracted to Frank?

“Yes. Frank holds a position of power and that is something that has always attracted Sally.”

What happens when Carla gatecrashes Frank’s New Year’s Eve party?

“Carla turns up and says that Anne has attempted to blackmail her into dropping the rape charges. I think in Sally’s head she thinks that Anne is just looking out for her son, as any mother would, and is attempting to get Carla to drop her claims and to bring this difficult situation to an end.”

How does Sally react when Frank talks about his fears for the trial?

“She almost mothers him. She cuddles him and reassures him that she will be there for him.”

Then he moves in for a kiss. Is Sally shocked?

“A bit because she really did not see that happening.”

A relationship with Sally would look good for Frank in court…

“Sally doesn’t think that way, really. She is just seeing it as a mutual attraction between the pair of them.”

Is she bothered when Eileen and Beth see her with Frank?

“Frank reassures her he doesn’t mind who knows and that he wants to shout about their relationship from the rooftops, so then Sally feels really confident about it, too.”

But Kevin’s not happy, is he?

“Sally’s really angry with him. It is nothing to do with him. She is starting a new life and he has got nothing to do with it.”

If Frank hurt Sally do you think Kevin would be capable of killing him in revenge?

“Yes, both Sally and Kevin have been through a lot and he still behaves as if he should still be protecting her. Who knows what he might be capable of!”