Coronation Street’s Steven set for roofing career

Coronation Street star Steven Arnold is set to swap acting for a career as a roofer after he leaves the soap, according to the papers.

The News Of The World reports that Steven, who plays butcher Ashley Peacock, made the decision after the show’s new producer Phil Collinson axed both him and his screen wife Claire, played by Julia Haworth.

“He wants a complete change and it’s a world away from the pressure cooker atmosphere of Coronation Street,” a show insider said. “Steven has always said that when his time is up on the Street he would do something completely different.

“He has many friends in the building trade and wants to try his hand at roofing.”

The source added that Steven also fears being typecast if he carries on acting.

“He’s perfect for panto because they’ll want him to play an Ashley-style character for laughs but he’s never going to land the lead in a gritty police drama because the audience will just think it’s Ashley from Corrie. That’s why he’s planning a future away from TV.”

Steven and Julia will leave the show at the end of the year.

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