Coronation Street’s teen lesbian couple to marry

Coronation Street‘s Sacha Parkinson says she’d like her and Brooke Vincent to wear matching dresses for their rumoured upcoming wedding.

It has been reported that teenage lesbian Sophie Webster, played by Brooke, is set to propose to girlfriend Sian (Parkinson) out of guilt after she develops feelings for Dev Alahan’s trouble-making daughter Amber Kalirai.

Sacha revealed: “We’re both in dresses – thank God! I know I would have been the one that ended up with a suit, because Brooke just takes over everything!

“And we’ve been told it’s going to be a nice glamorous proper wedding.

“Me and Brooke match all the time so maybe they should [have matching dresses]. You know what Brooke’s like she’ll want something absolutely massive like off My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!”

But with Sacha set to leave the soap at the end of the year, the wedding could be doomed already.

Sacha said: “It’s going to be really sad, but it’s something good to get our teeth into and I think our fans like to see drama from Sian and Sophie. I think that’s the best.”

Brooke revealed she hoped the dramatic ending to Sophie and Sian’s romance would please their fans, after they had become such a popular couple.

Brooke said: “At the minute there’s a lot more going on before the wedding. So we’re just concentrating on that.

“But hopefully we get our points of view across and we play it how we want to play it, because it’s been such a long storyline and we’ve worked so hard on it, that it’s got to come to a good end.”

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