Coronation Street’s Tina: ‘I’d go nude’

Coronation Street newcomer Michelle Keegan has revealed she’s keen to flash a lot more flesh.

Michelle, who plays David Platt’s new girlfriend Tina, told The Sun that she would happily bare all for an acting role – and plans more glamorous sessions in the studio to show off her curvaceous figure.

She said: “If the script was right I’d go nude for a sex scene.

“Obviously I’m not going to need to do that in Coronation Street but in the future, why not? It’s not real, it’s just acting, and it would be my job to do it.”

She added: “I absolutely love doing photo shoots. I’m a real girlie girl – I love dressing up and being fussed over.

“I’ve never felt that sexy before but because Tina is a really sexy character I feel more confident with it now. It’s quite liberating.”

But Michelle, who’s currently dating Hollyoaks’ actor Anthony Quinlan, admitted she found it difficult kissing co-star Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt.

She was so nervous about the pair’s first kiss that she ended up needing to film several takes.