Coronation Street Vicky Binns reveals Molly’s devastated when she tells Kevin she’s pregnant and he tells her to get rid of the baby!

How’s she feeling after Kevin dumped her and she dumped Tyrone?

“It’s a bit depressing, but she’s managing. She has no regrets about leaving Tyrone, but she’s missing Kevin a lot.”

Rosie banging on about how devoted Kevin is to Sally can’t help matters…

“It makes Molly really angry. She still loves Tyrone, but she left him because she thought it was the right thing to do given her feelings for Kevin. She knew there would be a price to pay for cheating, but Kevin hasn’t taken any stick. In fact, he’s pretending nothing ever happened between them.”

How does Molly find out she’s pregnant? And how come she didn’t know already?

“She collapses at the shop and Dev insists she goes to hospital to get checked out. Molly’s stunned when the doctors tell her she’s pregnant. She has a scan and is even more shocked to find out she’s four months gone. She had no clue.”

Does she know who the baby’s father is?

“She immediately presumes it’s Kevin, but it could just as easily be Tyrone. She wants it to be Kevin’s though. She sees it as her chance to get him back.”

How does Kevin react when she breaks the news to him?

“It doesn’t go the way she hopes. Molly goes to the garage to tell him, but he refuses to talk to her so she slams down an envelope containing the baby scan photo.”

Then what happens?

“It’s vile. He’s vile. He questions whether or not the baby is even his. Then he actually burns the baby scan photo in front of her and orders her to get rid of the baby. Molly’s devastated.”

Would she consider terminating the pregnancy?

“No way. Molly doesn’t want to get rid of it. She’s seen the scan and seen her baby… she just wants to protect it now.”

Might she tell Tyrone that the baby is his?

“Maybe… and it could be his. Kevin tells her he loves Sally and if she wants to have this baby she’ll have to move away. But the stakes have changed now. What Molly needs is security. It’s not about her any more… it’s about her child.”

Can you see Molly going back to Tyrone?

“I could really understand it if she did. She does love Tyrone – just not in the passionate and exciting way she loves Kevin.”

So she hasn’t given up on Kevin?

“She can’t. Her affair with Kevin was the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to her and she can’t let go of it.”