Coronation Street’s Will: ‘Chris faces death!’

Coronation Street bad boy Will Thorp reveals to Soaplife how Chris reacts when he’s diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Chris knows that something is wrong with him, but it’s a huge shock when doctors confirm just how badly wrong. And it’s his ex Cheryl and not girlfriend Maria who’s by his side when he hears the worst. “Chris has a brain tumour and it’s as serious as it can get,’ Will explains. “He’s scared.” And, with his Corrie exit coming up, Soaplife thinks he should be!

How long has Chris known he’s seriously ill?

“He’s suspected something is wrong for quite a while. He’s had funny turns and he’s been forgetting things. He’s had a scan and knows he has a brain tumour, but he’s too scared to face it. Chris is an absolute control freak, so to have a situation he can’t control is a nightmare for him.”

Why doesn’t he confide in Maria?

“Having a potentially terminal illness makes him consider his whole life and what’s important to him. His son is the most important person and Cheryl is the mother of his child and as soon as he finds out he has the tumour he’s drawn to them.”

So it’s all over for him and Maria?

“Maria wants to look after him and nurse him and he just can’t cope with it. It’s all too much and he just needs to break away from their relationship.”

How does Cheryl react to his illness?

“She’s completely shocked when Chris tells her. She’s thinking: ‘Is it actually a brain tumour? Are you certain?’. She wants to hear the truth from a doctor.”

So she goes to see the consultant with Chris…

“He tells Chris he has a very large tumour and the size of it means they won’t be able to operate. Instead, he’ll need to start a course of radiotherapy to try to reduce the size of the tumour, but the future’s looking pretty bleak.”

Is Chris hoping his illness will bring Cheryl back to him?

“Deep down he’s hoping the illness will bring him closer to Cheryl. He doesn’t want to face it on his own. If he can face it with his ex-wife and his child at his side then that would be the best scenario for Chris.”

How does Chris feel about Cheryl asking Lloyd if he can move into No 13 with them?

“Chris is relieved that Cheryl’s on his side and it’s a major comfort for him that she’ll stand by him. But them all living together under one roof is like a ticking time bomb. It is going to be a disaster. Chris wants to keep his brain tumour a secret, but word gets out.”

How does Chris react?

“He’s furious when he finds out Lloyd has told Karl and Karl has been discussing it in The Rovers. Chris is a very proud man and he doesn’t want anyone’s pity.”

We know this storyline is leading up to your exit. How do you feel about leaving?

“I’m absolutely fine about leaving. I’ve had a brilliant time on Corrie and I’ve loved playing a character who came in with a bang and leaves with a bang.”

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