Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall admits he doesn’t know who the daddy of Molly’s baby is and doesn’t want to know – yet!

Does Tyrone believe that Molly being pregnant will fix all their marriage problems?

“He’s so excited to have her back and about the baby. He’s always wanted some kind of stable family life, the opposite of his own upbringing. As far as he’s concerned they had a rough patch and now she’s back everything is rosy again. He really loves her.”

Has he thought for a moment that someone else could be the father of the baby?

“Not at all. Molly’s told him she conceived in December when they were still together so he believes he’s the daddy. He has no idea she was cheating on him with Kevin.”

Doesn’t he wonder why she left him in the first place?

“No. But then he can only think for about three hours a day! Anyway, he’s only interested in the future now.”

How are things between them?

“Tyrone thinks they’re great. He doesn’t see the obvious problems in the marriage that Molly does.”

Is he hoping for a son or a daughter?

“He wants a boy. He thinks all blokes have it in their DNA to want a boy. And he’ll soon find out as he’s booked a 4D baby scan!”

Has he noticed anything odd about Kevin’s reaction to the baby news?

“Not at the moment but a bit later on he does. Only he can’t work out the reason why.”

If he finds out about Molly’s affair with Kevin would he be able to forgive her and even bring up another man’s baby?

“He’s a forgiving sort… I actually wouldn’t put it past him to forgive them both.”

Do you know who is the daddy of the baby?

“Not yet. It could be Tyrone as I assume Molly had some energy left for sex with him after all the shenanigans with Kevin.”

If the baby is Kevin’s I’d love it if Tyrone didn’t find out for a while…

“It would be so dramatic if he had a couple of years to bond with the baby before finding out…”