Coronation St’s Andrew: ‘Frank still loves Carla!’

Coronation Street‘s Andrew Lancel reveals to Soaplife that rapist Frank has deep feelings for Carla… But he doesn’t love her enough to admit his guilt and is determined not to pay for what he did to her!

How is Frank feeling as his trial begins?

“Very nervous! He’s out of his warped comfort zone and he is not in control of this situation, so he is very worried about what is going to happen.”

He swore he loved Carla so how can he put her through this?

“We know Frank still loves Carla deep down, but if he is forced to choose between Carla’s tears and saving his own skin he will go for self-preservation every time.”

Will he expose Carla and Peter’s affair?

“Frank will go to any lengths to get off this charge and stay out of prison. He is twisted enough to believe he has done nothing wrong, and he’ll lie, cheat and manipulate to make everyone believe his version of events.”

What can viewers expect from the trial?

“Oh my God! Shocks! Hold on to your hats, it is going to be a bumpy ride.”

How would you feel if Frank escaped justice?

“Well, I know what happens, but I can’t give any hints. Just remember this is Corrie and evil only prospers for a finite time!

What sort of viewer response have you been getting to the story?

“I have had an incredible response! The rape storyline was so well received by both the public and experts because of the way it was written and because of how well Alison [Carla] played her part. But people can’t figure Frank out and are saying to me on a daily basis, ‘What’s gonna happen? Is he going down?’ I’m thrilled with the reaction.”