Johnny Briggs has admitted that he is finding retirement a bit boring – and that he would love to return to Coronation Street.

The actor enjoyed a 30-year reign on the Street as entrepreneur Mike Baldwin and, although he landed a role in ITV1’s Echo Beach/Moving Wallpaper earlier this year, Johnny said he was getting bored.

“I’m finding semi-retirement boring. Very boring,” he explained during Coronation Street’s Out Of Africa DVD launch.
Asked if he missed Mike, the 72-year-old said: “Yeah, I do. I’d like to play golf with him.”

With the Street’s 50th anniversary coming up in December 2010, Johnny said he would like to take part in the inevitable celebrations.

“Oh yes, of course I would,” he said. “I mean, I was in it for 30 years and I enjoyed every day. There wasn’t a day where I thought ‘Oh, what am I doing here?’ All the cast were great and the technicians were great.”

Mike Baldwin suffered a massive heart attack in April 2006, and died on the Corrie cobbles in the arms of his old rival Ken Barlow.