Brooke Vincent has revealed that Maddie Heath will keep her alter-ego, Sophie Webster, on her toes in Coronation Street.

Maddie, played by Amy Kelly, will make her entrance in Weatherfield on December 25 and sparks will immediately fly between her and Sophie.

Brooke told the Daily Mirror: “Maddie shakes things up, she’s very much a Kylie Platt or Becky McDonald character but a lot worse.

“She’s very demanding and hard to read – you’re intrigued by her. I think she’s a good match for Sophie, who stands her ground with her.”

The actress added: “They’re both feisty and want to get one over on each other. Sophie likes her because she’s naughty.”

The two first meet when Sophie goes to work in a soup kitchen on Christmas Day. Sophie’s mum Sally (Sally Dynevor) will reportedly take an instant disliking to her daughter’s new love interest.

“Sally doesn’t really want to come to the soup kitchen but Sophie makes her. When we go there she’s like: ‘Oh look at the grateful faces,’ but Maddie comes in and wrecks that,” Brooke explained.

“She pushes Sally’s face in a trifle and they get off to a really bad start. We go back to the soup kitchen and things keep happening, such as Sally’s bag going missing.”

Brooke, 21, who has portrayed Sophie in the ITV soap since she was 11, is hoping that her character’s new romance will end on a happy note.

She said: “I think all three of Sophie’s girlfriends have been very different. Sian was Sophie’s first love, then she had more of a grown up relationship with Jenna. I think she’s praying for the third time lucky with this one.”