Coronation Street‘s Brooke Vincent reveals to Soaplife that there’s more than romance behind Sophie’s marriage proposal…

So, why does Sophie suddenly propose to Sian?
“She feels guilty about kissing Amber. When she told Sunita about Amber, Sunita reminded her that what she has with Sian is really good and advised her not to throw it away. The proposal is a spur of the moment thing to show Sian how much she loves her.”

She’s only 16. Isn’t that a bit young to get engaged?
“I think so, but then I’m normal and she’s a soap person. They do the craziest things! It really wouldn’t surprise me if they got married. It doesn’t surprise me that Sophie proposed, either.”

Sophie’s also obsessed with her parents’ marriage, isn’t she?
“Sophie thought her parents were going to get back together and now it looks like they’re not; she’s heartbroken.”

But Rosie has a plan to seduce Jeff and let Sally catch them, doesn’t she?
“Sophie doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but she goes along with it because it’s Rosie. It works and Sally tells him to leave, but Sophie feels so guilty when she sees her mum crying that she tells her the truth. She’s a Christian and doesn’t believe in lying.”

But she doesn’t want Sian to know the truth about her kiss with Amber. Is Sophie worried that Amber will tell Sian about it?
“Yes! Whenever Amber comes round or talks to them, Sophie’s wondering if she’s going to say anything.”

Is Amber going to split them up?
“I don’t know what’s in store. Sacha [Parkinson, who plays Sian] is leaving, but I don’t know how yet. It might involve Amber!”