Coronation St’s Carla will help Maria entrap Tony

Coronation Street‘s Alison King has revealed her character Carla Connor will never help Maria catch Tony.

Carla’s husband Tony (Gray O’Brien) murdered Maria’s husband Liam when he found out he was having an affair with Carla. But Alison revealed that even when Carla starts to suspect Maria (Samia Smith) might be right to suspect Tony, she doesn’t show her support.

Alison said: “Carla gets suspicious of Tony and starts to ask questions. She does come round and think maybe Maria’s not so deluded after all, maybe she’s got a point.

“So she goes round to see Maria, but she doesn’t let it slip to Maria that she’s having doubts herself. She just asks why Maria thinks what she does to get more out of her so she can carry on her own little investigation.”

But at the moment evil Tony has Carla and everyone else on the street thinking Maria is mad.

Alison said: “Carla just gets really mad with Maria because she just thinks Maria’s making it up and she’s going bonkers and accusing her husband. She can’t see any reason for that to be true at all and he’s being very nice to Maria so he’s kind of fooling everybody to an extent.

“She just thinks bonkers brain hairdresser woman is just aggravating her so she’s really against her and that helps I think, with Tony.”

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