Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne reveals to Soaplife that the fight goes out of Peter when he’s arrested for Tina’s murder…

What happens exactly?

“Peter’s coming out of the chippy when Rob accosts him, accusing him of murdering Tina and telling him to do everyone a favour and hand himself in. The police approach them and initially Peter thinks they’re there to separate him and Rob. But then they arrest him. It gets worse…”


“Peter realises Simon has seen the whole thing. Simon’s cries out and Peter crumbles. He’s broken by it.”

Does he have any idea that Rob’s the murderer?

“None. Peter’s main concern is getting people to believe he’s innocent. He hasn’t got the strength of mind to think logically about who Tina’s murderer might actually be. It doesn’t cross Peter’s mind that Rob might be detracting the attention from himself.”

How will Peter cope in jail?

“He won’t. He’s weak and if his family believe he’s guilty, he won’t have the strength to prove his innocence.”

Could that happen?

“It may be that Deirdre and Tracy end up thinking he’s guilty, too. He thinks his dad has given up on him because he presumes Ken knows what’s happened and yet Peter hasn’t heard from him.”

Carla definitely isn’t on side…

“Before the arrest, Peter’s been trying to desperately cling on to Carla in the hope she can forgive him. Without her – and the family’s – support, he’ll get to the point where he’ll think he might as well be in prison because he has nothing outside anyway.”

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