Coronation Street stars David Nielson and Julie Hesmondhalgh talk to TV Times magazine about Roy and Hayley, and baby Hope…

How do Roy and Hayley feel about looking after Hope?
Julie: “It’s Hayley’s dream to have a little baby to look after because she’s very, very maternal. However, Hayley is always thinking about others and she believes that it would be best if Hope was with Fiz in the mother and baby unit.”

David: “Roy will always do things out of duty. He would never turn anyone away, but I think he’d rather they had the place to themselves to be honest – they’ve got Becky, Sylvia and Hope living there.”

Do you think they would have liked children?
Julie: “She’s a woman who never had children, but is the one who everyone comes to.”

David: “When Roy thought that Tracy’s baby was his, he was absolutely hands on and studied all the books, but I don’t think he really has the urge to be a dad. I don’t think many men do. It’s women who want them and men come onboard when it happens.”

How do they cope with looking after a baby?
Julie: “They are pretty knackered, but I think they are cope really well. You have to remember they are still running a business and it’s hard to do that when you haven’t had any sleep.”

David: “Hayley does all the doing. Roy just faffs about in the background.”

Is it a strain have on extra person in the house?
Julie: “It’s hard. They’ve got Becky on the sofa, so when Hope cries, Hayley takes her into the bedroom and then Roy’s mum Sylvia is crashing around in the kitchen in the early hours. Having all those people in the house is certainly taking its toll.”

David: “What causes strain is Sylvia stirring things up about how you deal with a child. Roy and Hayley put classical music on and do it all in a modern way, but Sylvia is an old-fashioned mother. You see her results of what her mothering achieved in Roy.”

Are you enjoying working with the baby?
Julie: “I’m not a natural with babies, but these babies are just joyous.”

David: “There are two babies playing Hope and they are gorgeous. I love babies. It’s so adorable when they grab your finger. My son is a grown man now, but as soon as I hold a baby, it all comes back to me.”

Is there a chance that Fiz will want Hope with her in the mother and baby unit and will this upset Roy and Hayley?
Julie: “There would be a pang of course, but Hayley would be pleased that Hope was reunited with her mum.”

David: “I never take much interest in the forward story. I just deal with it as it comes. Even when I watch Corrie I am surprised. As in life, I don’t know what’s happening next door in Weatherfield.”

What’s next for Roy and Hayley?
Julie: “I am sure there is more trouble ahead for them with Becky. A hiatus waiting to happen. And Sylvia will be up to her tricks too!”

David: “Well, I only know what’s happening next week! But I do know they are involved in other people’s stories. I’m lucky. I can only do what is written for Roy and there are always new challenges for him. He’s such a nice character to play.”