Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush tells Soaplife all about Anna’s pain and Owen’s humiliation when the bailiffs raid their home… And how the hurt makes them more determined than ever to keep their relationship alive…

Life has been unravelling for Coronation Street‘s Windass/Armstrong clan for months… and their misery is far from over. “Owen [Ian Puleston-Davies] has warned Gary the bailiffs will be calling and they need to be careful not to let them in,” Debbie tells Soaplife. “But they get inside after Faye answers the door when everyone’s out…”

How do Anna and Owen feel?

“They’re horrified to see all their belongings disappearing, but there’s nothing they can do. Gary tries to order the bailiffs out, but they refuse unless they get what they’re owed. Owen’s deeply ashamed and Anna’s hurting so much for the whole family. She’s devastated that Faye has to watch their home being taken apart. And Anna realises just how broken Owen is and it breaks her heart. She realises how much she loves him – in spite of everything that’s happened.”


“They both admit how much they love and need one another, and Anna is more determined than ever to stick by Owen and help him through it. Anna would go to the ends of the earth for her family and Owen. Even when they weren’t together, she’d have done anything for him.”

But Anna won’t let Tim and Sally help by having Faye stay with them…

“Anna’s determined to keep everything as normal as possible for Faye. She doesn’t want to admit defeat and the last person she’d want to accept help from is Sally!”

Yet she goes to the local food bank!

“If it’s the only way she can feed the family, then so be it. She keeps it to herself, though, because she knows how upset the family would be if they knew.”

Is she worried about how all this is affecting Faye?

“Massively. Anna’s had her eye slightly off the ball. But once she’s back with Owen, she’s able to concentrate on Faye. They have a much better chance of getting back to normal…”

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