Coronation St’s Gail saves dolphins in distress

Coronation Street star Helen Worth has teamed up with Amanda Holden to try and save two dolphins held captive in a tiny Turkish pool, for the amusement of British tourists, according to reports in The Sun.

Helen, who plays Gail McIntyre in the ITV1 soap, and Amanda, 39, are both campaigners and patrons of wildlife charity Born Free.

The soap star joined Amanda in calling for the dolphins’ release after The Sun exposed their plight earlier this month.

After going to see bottlenose dolphins Tom and Misha herself, Helen, 59, said: “We fear for their welfare and their lives.”

They were dumped in the mere 11 by 22-metre pool, at a run-down ‘holiday attraction’ at the southern mountain resort of Hisaronu, in the hope that tourists would pay £50 to swim with them.

The Sun apparently obtained disturbing video footage showing them bobbing up and down in the shallow water, which is known to be sign of distress.

The dolphins endured a four-hour journey in the back of a refrigerated truck, as the Russian owner Aleksandr Kuznetsov had them brought from Kas on the Mediterranean coast.

Helen said: “I told Mr Kuznetsov that this was unacceptable.

“Seeing Tom and Misha in their tiny pool made me realise how wrong this truly is. How can this tank in any way replicate their magnificent ocean home?”

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda said: “I am lending my full support to the campaign to get them out of there.”

Last night Aleksandr, who is still awaiting a license for his project, said: “I cannot understand the fuss. Dolphins live longer in captivity.”

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