Coronation Street star Graeme Hawley has had to rethink his social life after a thug attacked him because of his character John Stape’s behaviour.

Graeme told the Mirror a man in a quiet bar grabbed him and put him in a headlock because he was furious at Stape’s affair with schoolgirl Rosie Webster.

Graeme said: “It’s a constant issue, people giving their opinions on your character. It comes with the job.

“You become a target in bars. I stayed away from pubs during the World Cup. I thought if England lose it would become my fault.”

Graeme was so shaken up by the attack he has vowed to steer clear of city centre bars.

A Coronation Street source said: “Graeme was really shaken up. He thought he was going to be badly beaten up by this lunatic. Sometimes fans can’t separate fact from fiction and many of the cast have been subjected to verbal abuse over controversial storylines.

“But it is rare for someone to take things further and assault someone. Who knows what could have happened to Graeme?

“It has made him think twice about where he goes for a drink.”

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