Coronation Street‘s Holly Quin-Ankrah reveals to Soaplife how Cheryl finds out Chris has been faking it – and how that dramatically changes her bedside manner!

Chris has wormed his way back into Cheryl’s life by claiming he’s a dying man – even though he now knows he’s not. And when Cheryl finds out he’s living one big fat lie she wants him out of her life all over again. “She’s in a state of utter disbelief that Chris could sink so low,” Holly tells Soaplife. “She’s lost everything and made a huge mistake.” A mistake she can’t put right.

So has Cheryl fallen for Chris all over again or does she feel sorry for him?
“She loved Chris in the past and seeing a softer side to him is bringing up old feelings. It’s like when they first met and married… It’s passionate, fun and exciting and they’re getting on really well.”

But he used to beat her!
“When his tumour was diagnosed one of the side effects mentioned was mood swings, so maybe she’s thinking his violence was due to the tumour.”

How did she feel when Chris told Lloyd they’re having an affair?
“Mortified. She loves Lloyd – even though she’s being unfaithful – and doesn’t want to hurt him. It was like a car crash taking place in front of her eyes.”

We know Lloyd goes ballistic and knocks Chris out…
“Yes and Cheryl’s terrified. Seeing Chris out cold scares her. She’s really angry at Lloyd, but he’s worried, too, and hopes he hasn’t made Chris’s condition worse.”

Chris is rushed to hospital and the smelly stuff hits the fan, doesn’t it?
“Cheryl finds out Chris has been lying to her. The doctor tells her the tumour has been shrinking and he should make a full recovery. Cheryl is shocked. She’s pledged her future to Chris based on his illness and it’s all been a huge lie. She’s devastated and realises what a lowlife he really is. What’s really appalling is that Chris has lied to their son Russ and that’s unforgivable.”

What happens with Lloyd?
“Cheryl begs him to take her back so she can pick up the pieces of her shattered life. She’s always loved him and she’s trying to get back what she’s lost. I know she’s upset Lloyd, but she was deceived, too, and now she’s left with no one.”

We know you’re leaving Coronation Street, so what does that mean for Cheryl’s future?
“If Lloyd won’t take her back then Weatherfield has nothing for her and she’d look at making a fresh start somewhere else. It’s a shame she’s hurt Lloyd so badly because he really didn’t deserve that.”