Coronation Street‘s Jack P Shepherd reveals to Soaplife how David will go to any lengths to get Kylie pregnant…

Having a baby is way down Kylie’s list of priorities right now, but it’s right at the top of David’s. And he thinks that he’s talked her into his plan to turn their cosy threesome into a cosy foursome and is throwing himself into baby-making. “David thinks once she’s pregnant Kylie will want the baby as much as he does,” Jack tells Soaplife. But first she has to get her pregnant…

Why does David think now’s the time for him and Kylie to have a baby?
“David’s always wanted kids. He didn’t have a great father figure so he wants to put that right. He loves Max to bits, but thinks a child of their own would really bond him and Kylie and make them a proper family unit.”

Wouldn’t it be better to get a home of their own first?
“David’s not thinking rationally. But Kylie is. She says they need more stability and to establish their careers. But David wants a baby and he wants one now. It’s all he can think about.”

How does he find the time and privacy for baby-making?
“Basically, any time slot and any hour of the day, he and Kylie are in the bedroom. He even goes to the lengths of asking his mum for her work rota so he knows exactly when they’ll have the house to themselves and can get down and dirty. He thinks the more they get it on, the more chance they’ve got of getting pregnant.”

What sort of father do you think David would make?
“I think he’d be a great dad, a really energetic one. I think he’d always want to play with the kids, take them on days out and be a big kid himself. He’d make sure he gave them a better childhood than he had. No trying to drown them in canals!”