Coronation St’s Jack: ‘Grannies attack me!’

Soap star Jack P Shepherd says he gets attacked in public by old ladies.

The Coronation Street star plays bad boy David Platt, and when fans of the show recognise him, it seems they don’t always react kindly.

Jack told The Sun: “It’s always the little old ladies who have a go at me.

“Younger people think David is great, but the grannies attack me with their handbags. What is it with grannies and their handbags? They should be given Asbos!

“They call me a ‘tinker’, and a few other more – shall we say – colourful words.

“I scare children, too. They’ve been known to burst into tears just at the sight of me.”

The 20-year-old actor said he would hate David to do anything too evil – as he doesn’t want to get written out of the soap.

Jack said: “I don’t think he’ll ever be totally normal though – you’ll always be waiting for him to snap again.

“It’s a fine line because I don’t want him to do anything too mad where he’d be arrested and be written out of the show because I’m enjoying it so much.

“My feet never itch. I look forward to going into work every single day. Unless Steven Spielberg calls me up, I’m not looking to go anywhere in the near future.”