Coronation St’s Jane: ‘Leanne’s back – for Simon!’

Coronation Street‘s Jane Danson reveals to Soaplife that Leanne can live without Peter… But not without Simon!

Where has Leanne been since splitting up with Peter?

“She’s been kipping on [sister] Toyah’s sofa while the dust settled. After discovering Peter and Carla’s affair she just needed to get away. After going through so much with Peter with the miscarriage she just feels completely betrayed. She’s been on the reverse side of this with her affair with Nick, so she knows it can happen, but the fact that Peter and Carla have declared love for each other has really hit her hard.”

How does she feel when she sees Simon and Peter together?

“Like her whole life has been taken away for her. She’s made so many mistakes in the past, but after coming through the wedding and Peter forgiving her for the whole Nick affair, then Simon starting to call her mum, she really thought they were building a family together, with the possibility of their own baby. Now it’s all been ripped away from her. She’s not only lost Peter, she’s lost her little boy as well.”

But Simon tries to stop her going again…

“Leanne’s determined to collect her stuff and go, but Simon begs her not to and she decides to stay, mainly because Simon’s had trouble at school and he says Carla has hit him. Leanne’s not going to let that happen to someone who she loves that much.”

So she goes to confront Carla at the factory…?

“And she basically knocks seven bells out of her. The Leanne of old comes out – if you can’t settle it with words then settle it with your fists, which is what Leanne does very well.”

She’s positive Simon’s telling the truth?

“She knows he’s a child and children embellish things, but it’s music to her ears really, even though it’s an awful thing; she’s proven right over Carla and the fact that she’s bad news for Peter.”

She promises Simon she’ll never let Carla hurt him again. So what is she planning?

“She’s planning to take him away – but away from them as a family or away from Weatherfield I don’t know. She’s made a decision that Peter and Carla are going to have a fight on their hands for Simon.”

Then she finds out Carla didn’t hit Simon. Does Leanne regret her actions?

“No, definitely not. She thought her child was in danger so it was her right to be protective of him. She said to Peter in the past whatever happens there’s a little boy in the middle of this and I’m always going to be there for him. For Leanne that means whether they’re together or apart, so she’s kept her word.”

She had been trying to have a baby with Peter. Could she be pregnant and not know it yet?

“That would be a really good storyline! Then Leanne could just get fat and not tell anybody. I think it would be great, but there’s no indication so far.”