Coronation Street’s Jimmi Harkishin reveals Dev isn’t just jealous of Sunita’s new man, he really wants her and his kids back in his life…

Dev and Sunita have been apart for years so why is he so bothered she’s engaged to Matt?
“He just hadn’t considered another man in her life. He hadn’t been keeping her informed of his other relationships since they split up but he really was shocked and hurt she’d kept him in the dark over Matt.”

Is it a case of suddenly realising what he had was what he wants?
“Definitely. He didn’t split with Sunita over anything she’d done wrong – it was all because he didn’t tell her about his four children. Life is passing him by and he wishes he’d done things differently.”

Has he had access to his twins?
“He has. He’s provided for his children but he hasn’t connected with them emotionally. He hasn’t been a hands-on father but he wants to be now. He’s delighted when Sunita’s plans for the twins’ birthday fall through and he gets to arrange a party with Jesse and Sean. They’re a big hit… and so is Dev in Sunita’s eyes.”

Is he actively trying to win her back?
“He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s confused and I like that. He’s an old-fashioned guy and I don’t think he likes the fact that Matt’s come along, is living in his home and being a father to his children.”

Sunita gives Dev a grateful hug… Would he like more?
“Possibly… but he’s not explicit about it. He talks round the subject and says he’d like to spend more time with the three of them.”

It seems to be working when Sunita turns to him when Asha is taken ill…
“He calls the doctor and comforts Sunita. They’re relieved to hear it’s just flu but he realises she’s turning to him and not Matt.”

Does he deserve to win Sunita back?
“I think so. Dev is just inches away from being a really good guy and he deserves a break. I’m filming some lovely stuff between the two of them at the moment…”

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