Coronation St’s Julie: Raising Hope takes me back

Julie Hesmondhalgh has revealed working with babies on Coronation Street brings back memories of her own early parenting days – but it isn’t making her too broody.

Her character Hayley Cropper and husband Roy have taken in Fiz’s tot Hope (a role shared by two babies) while her mum is behind bars falsely accused of John Stape’s crimes.

Julie, 41, told TV Times: “I’m not a natural with babies, but these ones are just joyous. People keep asking if it’s making me broody. If I thought I could push one out like that, I’d have another go, but we don’t produce laid-back children!”

She added: “It’s been nice to have lots of cuddles. My daughters are nine and six now and it takes me back.”

Meanwhile, co-star David Neilson, who plays Roy, admitted he was also enjoying spending time with the young co-stars.

“They’re either smiling or being sick on you,” he said. “I love them and it’s so adorable when they grab your finger.

“My son is a grown man now, but as soon as I hold a baby, it all comes back to me.”

Julie said her character is happy to look after Hope, but would be pleased if the baby was reunited with her mum.

“It’s Hayley’s dream because she’s very maternal. But she always thinks about others and believes it would be best if Hope was with Fiz in the prison’s mother and baby unit.”