Coronation St’s Kate: ‘Simon makes me laugh’

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford has revealed her co-star Simon Gregson keeps her entertained between takes.

The actress, who plays scheming Tracy Barlow on the ITV soap, has been filming some challenging scenes ahead of her character’s wedding to Simon’s alter ego Steve McDonald.

Kate said of Simon: “We do laugh a lot. Simon’s really funny. When he’s acting as well he does really funny things that just come out when we’re rehearsing and stuff.”

Tracy and Steve are set to walk up the aisle together – but an appearance by love rival Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) threatens to ruin the big day.

“Tracy, by the point she gets married to Steve, thinks it’s in the bag. She gets there, she looks round, she feels a million dollars, she sees Becky sat there in the crowd and she starts to panic,” Kate explained.

“Tracy is still obsessed with him. It’s been going on since they were at school together hasn’t it?… I think she’ll always love Steve; I think he is the love of her life.”

Coronation Street can be seen Monday, Thursdays and Fridays on ITV1.