Coronation St’s Kate: ‘Tracy beds Steve – again!’

Coronation Street‘s Kate Ford reveals to Soaplife how Tracy enjoys a night of loving with Steve – then says she’s leaving him…

With Steve and Becky heading for the divorce courts, Tracy is finally going to get her man. But she only has Steve for one night only and that’s not enough for Tracy so she’s off – and she’s taking Amy with her. “There’s nothing Steve can say – her mind is made up,” Kate tells Soaplife. Only rumour has it a little something might just un-make up her mind…

We imagine Tracy must be thrilled that Steve is divorcing Becky.

“She is. It’s what she’s wanted ever since she came back to the Street.”

And she takes advantage of the situation, doesn’t she?

“She knows Steve is vulnerable because he’s lost Becky, so Tracy sees this as the ideal time to seduce him. She starts by cooking him meals and playing the domestic goddess.”

Then Becky plays right into Tracy’s hands… How?

“Tracy reads a holiday postcard from Becky to the Croppers and Becky’s talking about a new man. Tracy wastes no time in relaying this news to Steve. She knows he’s feeling down and seizes the opportunity to invite him round.”


“Her plan is working perfectly. She’s wearing a really sexy top and the candles are lit – she’s pulled out all the stops to seduce him. He manages to resist her at first, but it’s not long before he turns up back on her doorstep and his mood is very different…”

But the morning after the night before Steve’s mood is very different again, isn’t it?

“Tracy’s positively glowing at how things have worked out, but Steve’s very quick to burst her bubble, telling her he doesn’t want to rush into a relationship. She’s devastated.”

Then Becky finds out Steve slept with Tracy and Steve accuses Tracy of telling her. Did she?

“No. She really is the innocent for once. She wouldn’t jeopardise any chance to be with Steve by gloating to Becky. It’s Amy who spilt the beans.”

But Tracy tells Steve she’s had enough and is leaving with Amy…

“Tracy feels Steve has shown his true feelings and that whatever she does he really doesn’t want to be with her – not now and not ever. He was the only thing keeping her in Weatherfield so now she needs to get away from him and make a fresh start.”

Hmmmm. Tracy fell pregnant with Amy after a one-night stand with Steve. What if it were to happen again?

“Well, she knows Steve doesn’t love her and probably never will so it wouldn’t be ideal. But it would really put the cat among the pigeons!”