Coronation Street‘s Katy Cavanagh reveals to Soaplife that Julie’s baby news causes Brian to pout – because he thinks she cheated on him!

So, this baby isn’t planned?
“Oh God yes it is! Julie is 100 per cent in love with Brian. They’ve talked about having a baby together – it’s the biggest thing in Julie’s life.”

But then Brian tells Ken he’s had a vasectomy… How would Julie feel about him keeping this secret?
“She would see it as a big betrayal and she would be devastated because he has been so into the idea of having a baby with her.”

Then she discovers she’s pregnant before he tells her…
“And she doesn’t really get the reaction she expects! Brian doesn’t believe her and she ends up doing four tests to prove it to him!”

What does she make of that?!
“She thinks that he’s overwhelmed at the thought of being a dad and can’t quite believe it is finally happening. But then he doesn’t come home the first night after she has told him and she can’t get hold of him.”

And she finds out he thinks she has been unfaithful because he has had a vasectomy…
“She is completely appalled, bemused, betrayed and angry. She would never be unfaithful and it comes completely out of leftfield for her. She is really hurt by it.”

Will she be able to forgive him?
“Yes, she would forgive him for anything and especially now that she is carrying his baby. She would be devastated if they split up.”

What type of mum do you think Julie will be?
“Ridiculous! She will listen to everything that everybody says and take it literally, she will have every book going. She will work really hard, but be really chaotic, she’ll forget the baby in the supermarket. But she’ll adore the baby, it won’t be wanting in the love department.”

Do you think Brian and Julie make a good couple?
“Yes, definitely. They are really similar; they have that sort of old-fashioned feel to them, a bit lost in time. They can be pompous and quite misguided, but they are funny because they are trying to be truthful and they don’t know they are funny. There are lots of real people just like them…”