Coronation St’s Kylie will be boss of new romance

Coronation Street‘s Kylie Turner will be the ‘driver’ in her relationship with David Platt, actress Paula Lane has revealed.

The terrible twosome will get together when they cross paths in Tenerife, which then leads to their engagement.

Speaking to This Morning, Paula said that her character will wear the trousers in the romance.

“I’m yet to read the scripts, but I have sources who told me I’m very much the driver in the relationship, which is good.

“I am really chuffed about the storyline. When it came about I couldn’t believe it. The material the writers come up with – it could be explosive.”

Kylie was first introduced to viewers last year when her half-sister Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) tracked her down.

Paula said: “I didn’t want to do a mirror image of Becky because it was important I got to draw things from the character for myself and for me to own it.

“I’m really lucky that similarities come through naturally, some facial expressions we have. It was only when the viewers pointed it out that I actually noticed it.”