Coronation St’s Kym Marsh forgives fiance Jamie

Kym Marsh has said she has forgiven fiance Jamie Lomas for being photographed in a hotel room with another woman.

The Coronation Street actress admitted she was angry and upset when pictures were published in a newspaper of Jamie asleep on a bed with a girl who claimed she had kissed the former Hollyoaks star.

Jamie told OK! magazine he had been out partying with friends who invited the girls back to their hotel and fell asleep before the girl took advantage of the situation.

Kym said: “Of course I was annoyed, upset and angry – any woman would be. I was annoyed that he let himself get in that situation, I was annoyed that there were girls in his room, but I trust him and there’s no way he’d cheat.

“I’ve forgiven him for that mistake and he knows he was wrong.”

Jamie said: “I love Kym and our family, I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise that. I’d never cheat on Kym.”

Earlier this year, Kym denied reports their relationship was on the rocks when Jamie went to Los Angeles for work.

The couple have been engaged for more than two years and have finally set a date for the wedding this summer. Kym, 35, denied it was a knee-jerk reaction to the recent revelations.

She said: “It was always on the agenda. We’re going to have a small ceremony but then we’re going to have a big mad party in the evening with all our friends, although knowing the Corrie cast we’ll probably be in bed and they’ll still be going!”