Coronation St’s Michael on Kevin’s love trap

Coronation Street‘s Michael Le Vell talks to Soaplife about Kevin’s two great loves, baby Jack and Sally – and how it looks like he’s going to have to sacrifice one for the other…

Kevin loves Sally and Sally loves Kevin, but she doesn’t love his son, baby Jack, and Kevin does. And faced with having to choose between the two loves of his life is tearing Kev apart. “He has a tough decision to make,” Michael tells Soaplife. And either way he’s going to lose.

Would Kevin and Sally have got back together by now if there was no baby Jack?

“I think so. But every time Sally looks at Jack he’s a reminder of Kevin’s affair with Molly. It’s a lot for Sally to forgive and forget.”

Sally tells Kevin their relationship can’t work as she can never be a mum to Jack. Can he see any way forward?

“He’s devastated. He tries to think of alternative solutions, but the pull of his son is just far too strong for him. Jack doesn’t have a mum and Kevin couldn’t live with himself if he denied his son a father. Never.”

He has the idea of asking Pam if she will have Jack on a semi-permanent basis. Could that really work?

“Kevin thinks it could be a solution. He’s thinking he could go round every day and see Jack and Jack would be in proper care with his Great Aunt Pam. Sally’s a little bit shocked at the suggestion, but Kev doesn’t know where else to turn. He wants Sally back and wants Jack in his life.”

Is there a chance that Sally might accept Jack as part of their family?

“It might take a long time and Kevin has his work cut out for him, but you never know.”