Michelle Keegan has laughed off pictures of her taking a legal high in a nightclub.

The Coronation Street star was shown in pictures published by The People newspaper inhaling nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, from a balloon while out partying at London’s Anya nightclub for her 25th birthday. The pictures were captioned “Corrie star on ‘hippy crack'”.

Michelle posted a picture of herself on Twitter, smiling as she held up the newspaper, and wrote: “Oh hell… Apparently, I’m a ‘crack addict’ Hahahaha! Yeah… OK!”

She later joked: “I can’t look my family in the eye!! Haha.”

Meanwhile, Michelle has opened up about why she and The Wanted’s Max George decided to call off their engagement.

Michelle – who was bridesmaid at her stepsister’s wedding at the weekend – told Fabulous Magazine: “We’re not engaged any more, but not because we fell out or there was an argument. It was just there was no chance of us getting married any time soon because of our schedules.

“He’s away in America most of the time now and we just had a word about it. I’m a traditionalist so if I’m engaged, I want to get married and that’s not happening soon.

“I was getting asked by everyone: ‘Have you set a date? Have you been shopping with your mum? Have you chosen your dress?’ So we just thought that we’d just say we’re not engaged and then nobody will ask and there’s no pressure.”

She added that she and Max, 23, were very much in love.