Coronation St’s Michelle: ‘Kirsty is dangerous!’

Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan talks to Soaplife about twisted Kirsty and the damage she’s causing to Tina and other people on the Street

Why is Tina’s relationship with Kirsty going from bad to worse?

“Tina despises Kirsty massively! She was settled with Tyrone and Tommy in the Dobbs’ house and everything has become unsettled since Kirsty’s been around. She didn’t believe Kirsty when she said she wants to be friends, but Tina wanted to try for Tyrone’s sake.”

So why does Tina snub Kirsty when she asks her to go sales shopping with her?

“Because she overhears her saying that she can only tolerate her for Tyrone’s sake so Tina decides not to go with her.”

Instead, Tina goes alone and is suspected of shoplifting!

“She knows straight away that Kirsty is behind it because Kirsty’s set her up before numerous times.”

Why does Kirsty have a problem with Tina?

“Kirsty wants Tina out of the house because she feels threatened by her. It’s not Tina herself, it’s just having another woman in the house.”

So how does Rita get dragged into the row?

“Tina’s been driving Rita’s car and Kirsty fixes it so the police stop the car for speeding. But it’s not Tina driving, it’s Rita – and she ends up in a lot of trouble.”


“When Rita goes to the station she’s told that as she’s over 70 she should have renewed her licence – and she hasn’t. She gets told she might get a fine and even a ban. Tina’s furious!”

We’re wondering if Kirsty is dangerous…

“Definitely. Hopefully no one will get seriously hurt, but there’s something hidden in Kirsty…”