Coronation St’s Michelle shelves all her awards

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan revealed she’s put up shelves at home to fit all her awards on.

The 24-year-old actress scooped the Sexiest Female gong at the Inside Soap Awards for the third year in the row, and also has a hat-trick in the same category at the British Soap Awards.

Michelle said: “I’ve actually got them on a shelf in my living room.

“That sounds quite bad! But my dad bought me some shelves for my birthday so I just put them on there.

“I genuinely don’t think I’m going to win it, so when I do it’s unbelievable. And I want to say thank you to everyone who voted, it means a lot. And it’s very flattering. It’s a nice thing to show my grandkids!”

Hollyoaks hunk Danny Mac, who plays playboy Dodger Savage won the Sexiest Male award.

He said: “It is genuinely overwhelming to get this so soon. I’ve been literally on screen five minutes and I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

But the actor admitted his character was asking for votes for the award, as in his first scenes in the Channel 4 soap he appeared showering topless.

He said: “Danny’s not asking for it; Dodger is definitely asking for it.

“The first time I opened my script and saw ‘Dodger walks across the village and gets into a hot tub in just his boxers’, I thought ‘OK, he’s that sort of guy is he?!’ So I suppose he was asking for it in a way.”

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